Music Charts

-Ibranovski (Filthy)

-Zatox (Victorious & Glorious)

-Diego Miranda (Ibiza For Dreams)

-Kayson Stone (No Fear Final Dirty)

-Myon & Shane 54 (Lights (Club Mix))

-Tiddey (Taylla)

-Wildstylez (Timeless)

-Orjan Nilsen (You Will Never Be)

-Omnia & IRA (The Fusion)

-Stafford Brothers (PRESSURE)


Canadians Nominated For United States Grammy Awards

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2013 - 07 - 23


Gold = 40,000 units sold. Platinum = 80,000 units sold. 2x Platinum = 160,000 units sold. 3x Platinum = 240,000 units sold. Etc.

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Canadian Artists

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[Progressive House], by Wellgroove

Hello everyone!!!

Here’s the latest dj that I’ve discovered on Twitter in the last week, Wellgroove.

As always, if you would like for me to give you a shout-out on Twitter (and include you on a blog-post), hit me up on Twitter or send me an email, I’m focusing primarily on progressive house, EDM and Progressive. Also, don’t get discouraged if I don’t mention you. I’m trying to squeeze this into a busy schedule and I probably won’t be able to get to everyone.