Starting Fresh In 84 Degree Weather With

A brand spankin’ new website, designed by the very talented Stan Dyro!

There’s a page called “Current and Upcoming Projects” that links to this still beloved blog of mine, which has helped me in so many ways as far as the modeling goes. However, though I still like the occasional relaxing (emphasis on “relaxing”) photo session, my focus has mainly been on an acting career. So instead of seeing more photo shoots, hopefully you’ll be seeing more videos and posts on current and upcoming projects and events. In other words, this is really going to turn into an acting blog, with titles such as…

“Short film really coming along!” and “Great reviews in play in NoHo!” and “Got cast lead in student feature film!” and finally, “Look ma, this is me on the red carpet!”

I’ll never stop being facetious, will I? In all seriousness though, I’m very excited about this new chapter of my life, which the modeling helped turn the pages to. That may seem like a very shallow, amateur and even blasphemous statement to any die hard thespian… But for a young girl who grew up with stage actors and found her love in it at age 9, then put that talent on the back burner and got herself into other creative outlets, then was later, nearing 20, approached by a female photographer who sparked a tiny little curiosity of expressing herself in front of a camera, then was heavily suggested to get into commercials, then got into commercials which then REALLY awakened the actress in her… it makes a lot of sense.

I hope you like my website! And all my gratitude to my followers. 🙂

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