Dramos. There’s no better way to start

Morning’ Electro House!

After spending much of his post high school years living the van and trailer touring lifestyle of the Metal/Hardcore music scene, New York based DJ/Producer Dramos was introduced to the cities underground rave scene and found himself instantly drawn to the culture. Putting down the microphone and picking up a pair of turntables, Dramos quickly made a name for himself throughout the New York/New Jersey area holding down residencies in major area nightlife markets like Manhattan, Hoboken and Morristown. His reputation for high energy genre-bending sets has garnered Dramos both national and international attention as a DJ; finding himself being commissioned to be a featured performer at high profile events like Winter Music Conference in Miami, Cornerstone Festival in Illinois and even doing a headlining tour in Puerto Rico. Refusing to allow himself to be one-dimensional, Dramos has also begun to create quite a buzz for himself as a producer and remixer. His bootlegs and remixes have made him a blog staple and continuously receive support from fellow working DJs, while his original productions have received critical acclaim with support from record labels like Tazmania Records and 44 Caliber Recordings. With a never ending schedule of upcoming performances and a slew of original releases in the works, one can only sit back and watch as Dramos continues to make his ascend toward being widely recognized as one of the most innovative DJ/Producers in the modern music scene.


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