Nice Music :D

Rawson, Dj/Producer from Netherlands with natural talent, awesome track that you can listen here:

(Note: I’m having trouble with Soundcloud embeds. Click on the pic!!!) 🙂


Artist: Dj T.Brown

I came across today’s new music discovery several weeks ago and I have been waiting for the perfect time to feature it on the blog… and that time is now. Dj T.Brown is a Dj formation that delivers songs that are filled with impeccable sounds, driving audio, massive hooks and huge choruses. What I love about Dj T.Brown is how this Dj is able to draw upon the many influences to the next level.

See you guys next update!

‘[Deejay Moises]’, House Music

Have you ever put a Starburst in your mouth and tried not to chew it? It’s about as impossible as hearing this track and not saying Deejay Moises. The comparisons are aplenty and we shall not deviate. Unless it’s to say that also. This artists is in possession of an exquisite swoon.

Stay tuned for what Deejay Moises has in the official facebook, Deejay Moises Facebook