New Tech House promise

It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed in the electronic music community and doing it without being just another sound alike artists that gets laughed at and ridiculed. If you are up to the challenge….Hearing System are waiting to rock your face off.

Hearing system alias Manuel Pichler, impressed with its exceptional blend of Tech House and Techno, which impresses with very hard and oppressive bass, already several clubs in Austria and Germany (Empire Club AUT / Linz Zoo AUT / Linz Bauhaus GERM / Landshut, butan Club GERM / Wuppertal etc..). He puts his sets with his own style, which also shines with a rhythm all its own.

The dancing People is led by him through the night with a very peculiar sound and rhythm, all of which is very easily into the spell.

With the special selection of his songs (marked by powerful bass, rhythmic sounds and the very special ‘something’), he stands out in particular in every club and makes people very quickly to fill the dance floor.

What do you think? More Coming soon…


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