Listen to this, Kola Mac, Hip-Hop music.

Really catchy music.



It’s very easy to sometimes let something go on because you are hoping for good or simply just for change. But the older we get, we learn to see things for what they are. It turns out that they are not always what we want them to be. Doesn’t make it any less special or memorable, it just makes it that much more real. For a very long time I have notice that I have always been the type to hold on and fight. I have always been a believer that all is fair in love and war. But in both you have to know when to throw in the white flag. If not for them, for yourself. The end of something is always bittersweet. The bitter part is the realization that this chapter is over and no matter how much you keep trying to go to next page, there’s not much more to write. The sweet part is knowing that you get to start a whole new one. The right thing can truly suck at times but that’s what growing up is all about. Realizing when you are wrong, knowing that continuing a certain route is wrong and deciding to end the wrong thing that at times may have felt right. But after the yucky part, then you find your real clarity. You come out a person who made a mistake, learned a lesson and can move on. In this case, when you know what you want, don’t settle for anything less than something amazing (or at least close to it).





HI EVERYONE, IT’S BEEN A WHILE! A YEAR MIX OF MY FAVORITE EDM SONGS OF 2013!!! I have been working on this for a while with much frustration from the damned Sony Vegas that keeps crashing, and also hours of deciding what songs to put and their transitions, esp on making sure the beat is properly matched 🙂. Gosh I need to learn how to use a DJ program because I’m manually cutting and pasting the songs and checking their BPMs online (luckily most are 128 for convenience) before changing the speed  to ensure my job is easier.

I can proudly now present my year mix of my favourite 2013 songs, with a healthy mix of soothing progressives, hard-knocking electro, deep trance, and even hardstyle/dubstep influenced music!!! Let me take you on a wonderful musical journey as we savour and remember the awesome dance music that defined our year. ENJOY!!!


Tracklist (for 2o13):

You can check out 2012′s music mix right here as well!!!

CAN’T LISTEN ON YOUTUBE? USE THIS LINK Download Music – Listen Audio – 1 Hour Best Dance Music/Prog…

R.I.P. Paul Baumer from Bingo Players, you will be dearly missed by all your beloved fans for your wonderful music!!!

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