Some of my readers ask me about true independent techno producers… well, I bring you Kritical Bas with this eargasm:

The track comes in the form of a new instrumental (emphasis on the -mental) track ‘Badworkers’ synth arrangements fade in and out of one another as Kritical Bas adds a heavenly pad extension into the mix, resulting in a ride through techno soundscapes and off the wall production. Check out the track above and be on the lookout for more music from Kritical Bas in the near future.

More info:

In 2002 after experimenting with new musical trends in the most famous techno clubs of Spain at the moment, as Florida 135, Row 14 and Zoreks, Dj Pau Eme and Dj Smock decided to set out as Djs amateurs. After many years acting separatetly, they decided to put their music together and create a new group, together with the percussionist Cerilla and the Vj Adn, called Kritical Bass. In their shows they combine several styles (minimal, techno, electro, dubstep) with their own productions, rhythmic percussion and visual projections.

They have played at some events such as Sala River (Lleida), Agronomo de Hierro (Lleida), Algars Parade (Batea), Go Dance Club (Tortosa), Jaujas Festival (Mora de Ebro), Boulevard Pub (Amposta), Androgina Pub (Tortosa), Eclipse Pub (Tortosa), in some beach parties in Delta del Ebro, Delta Sound Festival (Delta del Ebro ), Megariuparty (Deltebre) and Drum and Jam Festival (Reguers).

Nowadays, they still are experimenting with new sounds and styles, but they always have in mind the old school techno rhythms.

Kritical Bas Facebook

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